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Thinking about buying?1


You're probably feeling both excitement and panic at the same time! There's a lot that goes into buying the perfect home and much of it is a very emotional experience. 

For most of us, buying a home is the single largest investment we'll ever make.
If you've already decided that buying is for you then I can help with putting your ideas on paper and begin searching for the right property. 

Complete my online buyer's questionnaire so we can find the perfect home for you.


Step 1: Preparation

     -Determine how much you can afford

     -Determine the type of home you want

     -Check your credit history and score

     -Get pre-approved from a mortgage lender

Step 2: Contact Bill

     -Get help with Step 1, if needed

     -Complete a Buyers Questionnaire

     -Let Bill find homes with your specifics and within your price range

Step 3: Go shopping

     -View homes

     -Attend Open Houses

Step 4: Under Contract

     -Negotiate price

     -Present offer

     -Sign contract

Step 5: Waiting to close

     -Shop for homeowners insurance

     -Schedule inspection

     -Finalize mortgage application

Step 6: Closing

     -Sign paperwork

     -Get keys

     -Move in!


No, and I strongly dislike when others in the industry tell you just how easy the home-buying or home-selling process can be. Truth is, there are so many ways that a deal can go wrong. Between moving, finding the perfect place, financing, title work, flood searches, negotiations, pricing and more, the process holds many obstacles- many of which are outside of your control.


Since the process is sometimes out of your control, what you can control is working with a real estate agent with the dedication and know-how to walk through the process of overcoming obstacles. I’m your guy!

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