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The decision to sell a house is not one to be made lightly. In addition to the financial aspect, there's an emotional connection to your home.

While I would love to sell your home, there are quite a few factors to think about first such as your motivation for selling, where you're planning to move to when the house sells and what your next steps are. Let's talk some more to get a good idea as to what those next steps should be.

In the meantime, get a no cost, no obligation analysis of your home and its value right here.

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​​If you've already made the decision to sell your property then we should talk about how we can best market it so you can get the price you want in the least amount of time. A good starting point would be to take a look at the Pre-Listing Package and then give me a call to discuss moving forward.

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Step 1: Preparation
     -Determine where you'll be living after selling
Step 2: Contact Bill
     -Complete the Pre-Listing package 
     -Establish a price
Step 3: Get your home ready
     -Complete repairs and fix cosmetic issues
     -Declutter and clean
     -Stage your home
     -Spruce up the yard
Step 4: List and market
     -Follow Bill's marketing plan
Step 5: Negotiate and accept offers
     -Consider more than price
     -Aim for win-win agreements
Step 6: Waiting to close
     -Comply with inspections
     -Comply with appraiser
Step 7: Closing
     -Sign paperwork
     -Hand over keys

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