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Notarizations and Schedule of Fees*

Notary Services


Building Permit - $25

Bill Of Sale - $25

Car Title - $25

Certified Copies - $25

Contracts - $25

Divorce Documents - $25

Last Will & Testament - $25

Marriage License - $25

Marriage Ceremony - $150

Power Of Attorney - $25

Real Estate Closing/Refinance - $150

Swear in for Telephonic Hearing/Deposition - $100

*Add $20 to all services if mobile services are needed

Notaries Can Not:

  • Notarize a photograph

  • Notarize a copy of a birth certificate, or any other vital record or public record

  • Certify a translation of a document from one language into another

  • Provide signature guarantees

  • Certify the authenticity of objects, such as art or sports memorabilia

  • Judge contests or certify contest results

  • Certify a person’s residency or citizenship status

  • Prepare legal documents, or immigration papers


  • All signer(s) must be present at the time of the appointment

  • All signer(s) must provide an original, non-expired photo I.D. (Driver's License, US Passport) 

  • The signer(s) must be sound mind, alert, and mentally competent

  • The signer must want to sign the document being notarized

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