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Hi Friend,

I'm working on a project and could really use your insight and input. The project has to do with building a personal brand and here's some insight:

"...a personal brand hinges on the consistent associations your name evokes. It's your brand's perception: how people would uniformly describe you. As human beings, we are complex, and we can be described in 100 different ways, all authentic to who we are. A brand, however, is all about the consistency of those associations, which is why you need to intentionally select the adjectives you would want people to associate you with." 

I'm asking you to take just a moment and come up with the top 3 words you would use to describe me (opening myself up much?) If you choose to participate, the form below allows you to choose 3 words and the submission is anonymous... although I know some of you would have no problem telling me these things to my face :)

Compiling this feedback is crucial to better understand how I'm perceived in the marketplace and if changes should be made to better reflect my actual self. (For example, I'm ok with being described as funny but don't want to be perceived as a joke, so if that's how I'm perceived, then I need to make some changes).

Thanks in advance.

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